Benefits of Hiring a Registered Business

Tamke Tree Experts is Licensed and Registered with the NJ Board of Tree Experts

A business performing tree care in New Jersey has to be approved by the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts and be registered. The registration of the tree care business involves the company demonstrating that it has the required level of insurance and worker's compensation coverage found in the administrative rules. The registered business must have at least one licensed person employed. A Register Business must abide by adopted industry standards and provide safety training for employees and submitted safety documentation annually to the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts. A tree care business must display their certificate of registration in their place of business and must prominently display their registration NJTC number on every service vehicle operated to perform tree care services in New Jersey.

Services offered by Licensed Tree Experts include:

A Licensed Tree Care Expert an individual who meets the experience and educational requirements for licensure, passed the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts' licensure examination, and is otherwise subject to the requirements set forth at N.J.S.A. 45:15C-11, et seq. and N.J.A.C. 7:3A-1.1, et seq.

  Tree Maintenance (Pruning and Repairing)
  Tree Removals, Brush Cutting or Removal
  Stump Grinding or Removal
  Pesticide Applications
  Tree Appraisals/Insurance Claims
  Plant Health Care (Insect and Disease Inspection Tree Planting and Establishment & Diagnosis), Fertilization/Soil Management
  Utility Line Clearance/Vegetation Management
  Mechanical Tree Spade Services/Transplanting
  Lightning Protection
  Community Forest Inventory and Canopy Assessment
  Planning and Consulting Services
  State Approved Community Forestry Management Plan
  Tree Planting and Establishment
  Tree Assessment and Risk Management
  Tree Management During Site Planning and Development
  Cabling and Bracing/Support Systems

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