Tick populations will be up this year due to the very mild winter. Ticks prefer cool moist areas. Low lying vegetation, leaf debris, and wooded areas are likely places for ticks to harbor.  They are NOT likely to be in open lawn areas as it is too dry and hot. Additionally, their preferred food sources are in limited supply in lawns. If you have an abundance of good tick habitat on your property tick management treatments are available.

Mosquito populations are on the rise due to mild winter and abundance of standing water. It only takes a very small amount of stagnant water for mosquitos to find a favorable breeding area. Due your part to reduce your exposure. Make sure gutters are not clogged and holding water. Wheelbarrows should be upside down as to not collect water. Additionally, tarps, pots, birdbaths should be frequently emptied and refilled if being used. Hollow stumps and tree trunks that hold water are also excellent breeding areas. Mosquito and nuisance pest suppression treatments are available. Something to consider for your next outdoor event, gathering or party.