Ticks: These disease carriers are insidious and tough to properly manage. Research shows that most often a person bitten by a Lyme disease carrying tick never felt their presence on his body. Good management programs help deal with these arachnids in multiple life stages throughout the year to help limit your exposure to the threat of Lyme disease.

Mosquitoes: The number one insect vector of human disease worldwide is also at the top of the nuisance list for New Jersey. Although the Garden State is home to many types of mosquitoes, those active from mid to late summer present the greatest health risk and nuisance. Programs are available to help manage mosquitoes around your home and high use areas.

Stink Bugs: The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug population has reached plague proportions in some of our serviced areas. Although not a serious ornamental pest, it is a substantial agricultural problem. In addition, its habit of over-wintering in buildings has made it a homeowner issue. Exterior population management can help to curb these new Asian invaders.

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