As the world becomes more environmentally conscious and as more homeowners and businesses strive to take a greener approach, we too are implementing and exploring programs in that light.

Our Plant Health Care Rx program is based on a holistic approach to tree and shrub care. Frequent inspections of landscape plants, preventative therapy such as soil injections and nutrient replacement are just a few of the services included in this program. The PHC methodology helps us to anticipate problems and solve plant and pest issues with reduced pesticide usage. Thus far, this program has been extremely effective and successful. We hope that more of our customers will participate in the Plant Health Care Rx option next year.

In addition, we are continuing to research new organic materials. We already use environmentally soft materials in our general applications but the requests from our customers are not to be ignored. We intend to progress in this pursuit of effective, safe, and user-friendly all organic materials.

As with all of our programs, the responsible use of materials, frequent inspections, and proper maintenance practices are foremost throughout the course of the year. The result is healthy and attractive landscapes for our customers. Continuing to move towards a “greener approach” allows us to offer more choices; however, our ultimate goal remains the same: safe, professional and quality tree and shrub care.

Image via WikiCommons