The American Mosquito Control Association and Bergen County Mosquito Control division have both recently released information on the upcoming Mosquito season in New Jersey.

After weeks of wet weather, there are even more breeding grounds for the mosquitos and that raises concerns about West Nile Virus headed into the summer. Hurricane Sandy also caused damage to waterways and drainage systems which created more standing water. They are monitoring the mosquito populations year-round and making the public aware of how best to prevent infestations.

It is extremely important that everyone takes proper steps to ensure the safety of family, friends and pets. First, reduce mosquito breeding through water management, and second, reduce adult mosquito populations. The American Mosquito Control Association said, “Eliminating standing water is probably the most important thing to remember when preventing or controlling mosquito problems. Keep it in the back of your mind during all outdoor activities – even remember to irrigate lawns and gardens carefully to prevent water from standing for several days.” Easy steps to take in your backyard include cleaning debris from gutters, changing bird bath water and checking for trapped water in ditches, grill covers or tarps.

Tamke recommends Mosquito Treatments, especially if you are planning an outdoor event on your property. A mosquito suppression spray can help with the comfort and health of your family and friends.  July and August are the prime times for this application, but it can be done throughout the summer months. These applications also target and reduce populations of ticks in treated areas!

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Img via WikiCommons