When contracting companies to perform tree work at your house, ask about insurance. Some companies do not carry proper insurance to protect you from liability, and some will stretch the truth to convince you otherwise. You want to make sure the company you hire has both Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurance.

You are at risk if an arborist on your property (working at extreme heights and using potentially dangerous tools) has an accident and is injured; unless the company you hire has proper worker’s compensation insurance.  Workers’ Compensation insurance covers employees if they are injured while on the job. You can be sued by the injured party to recover the costs associated with the injury; sometimes life-long disabilities, if the tree care company does not have this coverage.

In addition, General Liability Insurance protects your property from accidental damage caused by the company you hire. It would pay, for example, to repair the damage if a tree fell on your house.

Any reputable company can easily provide you with a certificate of insurance. Insurance agents do this all the time for their clients. This is proof that the company you want to hire has valid insurance; current and covering the state in which they intend to do the work (NJ/PA). To get one, just call the company you intend to hire and request it. This costs you nothing but could save you a lot in the long run! If they resist your request; look for another company to do your work.