Winter is often the best time to tend to many tree and shrub maintenance needs. Yes, we work on trees and shrubs year round. In fact, it is possible for our crews to complete a job faster in the winter than in other times of the year. Less time for us means a lower price for our customers. It’s a win-win situation.

With hard/frozen ground, our equipment can access trees which otherwise might be difficult to reach. The dormancy of lawns and other plants reduces the impact of our heavy equipment, resulting in fewer ruts and/or lawn damage. Winter is a good time to inspect a tree’s integrity. Without leaves, the structure of a tree is more visible. Braces can be installed if necessary. Various insect infestations can be diagnosed and inspected as well.

Some species of trees are best pruned in the wintertime. In addition, the pruning wounds close rapidly with spring flush growth. This will help to prevent future insect infestations or disease.

Naturalistic pruning of shrubs and ornamentals can also be done in the winter time. Proper plunge and drop crotch pruning can leave plants looking stubby and unsightly if performed in the growing season. Therefore, pruning these plants after leaf drop is ideal, creating a flush of new growth in the spring, revealing what appears to be a completely new and rejuvenated plant.