Trees and shrubs need to be fertilized. Just like humans, trees require micro and macro nutrients for good health. Whether you’re planting a delicate young sapling, or tending a 100-year old towering Oak, the health of a tree’s roots is of utmost concern for its future growth. Tree’s roots spread out in lawns, amongst other plants, under driveways, near patios and other obstacles creating a very stressful environment in which to live. Fertilizers and soil amendments help to alleviate some of the stress caused by the urban environment and severe weather conditions.

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Soil Injections

Injecting treatment directly into the soil allows for absorption by the root, similar to that of an oral medicine for a human. It can have a lasting and long term effect on a tree’s ability to combat insects and disease.


RICH-ROOTS® pressure-injected fertilizer provides essential nutrients and fractures the soil. RICH-ROOTS® is a slow release fertilizer created by Tamke which should be applied every two years. The custom blend contains a safe and natural combination of nutrients essential for your trees' health. More specifically, it will enhance the root systems ability to absorb water and nutrients.


Rejuvenix is a natural and essential mix of 21 amino acids used to enhance plant growth and improve resilience. It is an ideal treatment for trees/ornamentals under constant stress due to drought, fungus, insects, limb loss, soil compaction and more. These environmental factors are what inhibit your trees from reaching their optimum health and beauty. Rejuvenix helps restore the natural balance of the forest in your own yard.

Granular Fertilizers

Shrub Care

Shrubs will benefit from a granular fertilizer to help promote healthy foliage and abundant flowers. We apply a broadcast granular fertilizer to your shrubs, shrub and ground cover beds for complete supplemental nutrition. The fertilizer includes iron and organic nitrogen to keep your plants looking green and healthy. One application lasts up to six months.

Labels, MSDS & Precautionary Statements
State regulations require us to provide clients with specific information regarding the pest management and plant health care products that may be used on your property.

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