Ticks: These disease carriers are insidious and tough to properly manage. Research shows that most often a person bitten by a Lyme disease carrying tick never felt their presence on his body. Good management programs help deal with these arachnids in multiple life stages throughout the year to help limit...

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Going Green is Important to Tamke

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious and as more homeowners and businesses strive to take a greener approach, we too are implementing and exploring programs in that light. Our Plant Health Care Rx program is based on a holistic approach to tree and shrub care. Frequent inspections of landscape...

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Beat the Buzz & Fight the Bite!

Tick populations will be up this year due to the very mild winter. Ticks prefer cool moist areas. Low lying vegetation, leaf debris, and wooded areas are likely places for ticks to harbor.  They are NOT likely to be in open lawn areas as it is too dry and hot....

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We Are Open!

Tamke Tree Experts is considered an essential business—and we are OPEN. Tamke has always been committed to the safety and well being of our customers and employees, as such, we are taking extra precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic by practicing social distancing guidelines and working remotely as best as practical. Thank you for your patience and continued business. Call (908) 647-3537 today to schedule a consultation.