Prepare the Soil. The oxygen levels, organic matter and other naturally occurring components of soil can be overextended especially in competitive environments. Soil amendment treatments are very beneficial to plants dealing with a host of environmental stresses. Roots cannot provide for the tree if they do not have the proper resources at their disposal. Sometimes you need to create a soil condition that will allow plants to thrive, and not just survive.

Provide Supplemental Nutrition and Help Promote Wound Closure. Trees that were subjected to excessive wind throw and heavy snow weight may have micro-cracks. These small, nearly non-visible fissures in the vascular tissue are prime areas for decay pathogens to gain access. Additionally, trees that recently had cutting work by removing compromised branches are in need of extra assistance. Supplemental nutrition will help to promote new cell growth and encourage branch development.

Make sure you have a preventative insect management program in place. Trees and shrubs under stress due to environmental factors like storm damage, poor soil condition, drought, etc. are predisposed to insect problems and attack. A professional understands the pests, life cycles and timing appropriate for the best defense. Insect managementis a key component to healthy and nice looking plants.

Contact a tree-care professional to review your checklist and together, put an action plan in place that makes sense for you and your valuable landscape assets!