Our fall 2017 newsletter is currently arriving in mailboxes all across our service area; here are some highlights:

A Good Foundation

Much like a house and its’ foundation, soil is what helps a tree thrive and withstand the test of time. It is the base that anchors the roots.

In addition, soil acts as the holding tank for water and nutrients. It is the home of bacteria and fungi that break down organic matter into a form the tree can utilize. As organic matter decomposes it provides plants nutrients, improves soil texture, reduces soil compaction and increases water holding capacity. This happens most naturally in the forest where decomposing leaves, tree limbs and the like get recycled year after year with the help of all the forest floor creatures, insects and fungi.

Since the environment in our yard may never be perfect, we can help offset the deficiencies by providing ingredients for a good foundation.

Ash Trees: Treat of Remove?

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is on a rampage. If untreated, 99% of our Ash trees will die from EAB. So the question is; “Should I treat this Ash tree or remove it?” There is no one answer. Ash trees can be tricky, they may be affected by other environmental or health issues, and the condition of the vascular system is vital in determining if the tree is capable of distributing the treatment materials throughout the tree to help against EAB.

A licensed tree expert can help with this Ash tree evaluation process.

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