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As we manage the devastation related to Hurricane Sandy the following is important information regarding timing of our crews, heavy equipment usage, and wood removal.

We are making every effort to accommodate the needs of our valued clients during this crisis and feel it is important to make sure expectations are clearly defined.

Order of Operations:

  • Initially, our main concerns are trees on structures and puncturing roofs. Crews will be allotted to minimize the most significant risks FIRST. Cleanup will follow at a later date.
  • After we take care of the most hazardous tree removals, secondary/ lower risk trees will be addressed. These lower risk situations include trees down in yards, near but not blocking driveways and those that pose aesthetic concerns.
  • Road closures, downed trees and low or downed power lines may delay our crews and/or present an unsafe working environment. It is imperative that any downed power line be deemed safe by the power company or removed prior to commencement of work on your property.
  • Wood and debris will likely be left on your property. It could be weeks before we get back to remove it. This enables our crews to get to the next high risk situation as quick as possible. Be assured the debris will be cleaned up but it may take time and multiple trips to do so.
  • In all cases heavy equipment will be used to remove debris as expeditiously as possible. Ruts, divots and depressions may occur and will not be repaired. This will impact areas, including but not limited to, lawn and planting areas.Large uprooted stumps will likely be the last phase of work due to the magnitude and logistics of dealing with such volume. These will be priced separately.
  • In most cases you will be billed after each phase of work is completed, especially if your job requires multiple trips.

We are making every effort to get these issues resolved in an efficient manner. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact your sales representative.

Thank you for your patience!
Tamke Tree Experts

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