Tamke is always ready to service your shrub and tree care needs. We are now preparing for Winter services.

Applied in the Fall/Early Winter, Tamke’s Nutri-Green Granular Fertilizer can benefit your shrubs for the spring. The slow-release materials provide the plants with the nutritional requirements to keep them strong, healthy and green. This should be done two times a year – Fall and Spring. In addition, if ticks are a concern, you have the option to add a Nymphal Tick Suppression material to our fall fertilizer. Nymphal ticks live in your shrub and ground cover beds through the winter months.

When the soil freezes, the moisture from the ground is no longer accessible to plants via the roots. Tamke’s Anti-Desiccant Spray can be applied to your broadleaf evergreens, including your Andromeda, Boxwood and Holly, to help leaves hold moisture throughout the winter months and reduce Winterburn.

Also, winter is a good time to have your trees inspected for winter pruning and hazard reduction services. Call 800-822-3537 to speak with your representative. We have trained NJ Certified Tree Experts and Certified Arborists on staff to assist you.