Roots are a tree’s foundation for life. If the roots are not healthy, the tree cannot thrive. In the forest, trees grow in their natural habitat where conditions are most conducive to root growth and good health. Your trees grow in a competitive environment with grass, compacted soil and nutrient deficiencies.

Man-made factors such as wire baskets or twine, poor planting practices, and poor soil conditions inhibit root development.

To maintain healthy and beautiful trees, you want to create a better growing environment for roots and fine root hairs. Improve your tree’s habitat by alleviating compaction in lawns, high traffic and/or construction areas, and adding nutrients and organic material for more favorable soil conditions.

Special tools such as the AirSpade® can safely remove excess mulch, turf and soil around the base of a tree to expose the roots without injuring them. This allows for inspection of the root system in order to provide a diagnosis and/or correction of common root problems such as girdling roots.

Tamke’s Therapeutic Rootzone Enhancement helps bring your trees closer to the forest conditions they most prefer. Contact a Tamke Tree Expert today and provide your trees with a solid foundation for health and beauty at its origin… its roots.