Weather plays an important role in tree and shrub health. From excessive rain to high winds, from high temperatures to long mild winters; whatever the scenario, the climatic elements require your plants to fight for their lives.

Storms that cause limb and leaf loss contribute to plant stress. Lack of a full canopy of leaves reduces the trees’ ability to make “food” at 100% capacity. Additionally, trees will have to expend more energy in an attempt to replace the foliage that was lost. This is a double stressor!

Water/rain, or lack thereof, is another big factor. Trees look to take a big drink of water in the Spring after low moisture content throughout the entire winter. Conversely, too much moisture can exacerbate fungus problems in some species, like Crabapples, Ash, Dogwood and Lilac.

Excessive heat, like a 3 – 4 week spell of 90+ degree days, causes stress. Trees and the ground dry up. Extended periods of heat can promote insect populations that favor high temperatures such as mites. An already stressed tree (from lack of water) with high populations of insects is a double stress.

Weather and the environment continue to change. As in some of the examples above, the secondary effects can cause more stress than the weather stress alone. Your trees have natural defenses; however, as the climate changes so will they need to adapt.

Preventative care is the best way to assist your trees and shrubs. Additional watering when needed, insect management, tree fertilization, regular check-ups and inspections will help your plants “weather the weather.” A certified professional will be able to prescribe a plan to help your trees remain healthy. Contact Tamke today and schedule a property visit, one of our Experts will be happy to create a plan for you and your trees.