West Nile virus is spreading faster than it has in years and the pace of the mosquito-borne disease is getting worse, health officials report. Nationwide there have been at least 693 reported cases and 28 deaths according to the CDC. A mild winter and ample spring rains have allowed the mosquito population to build up early. Heat and scant rainfall are creating stagnant water pools, which make great breeding grounds. It’s going to get worse, says David Dausey, a professor of Public Health at Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pa. He says climate change means warmer winters, milder springs and hotter summers, all of which “create a longer season for mosquitoes to breed and ideal conditions for them to survive.” – USA Today.com

Morris County Mosquito Commission has sprayed on six separate occasions this summer and has scheduled more sprays according to NJ.com.

Tamke’s mosquito suppression can help reduce the populations around your home. Ask your representative for more information on how to protect your family from West Nile virus.