Trees Are What We Do

“We don’t just take care of trees; we take care of people who take care of trees,” — Warren S. Tamke, founder."


Tamke Tree Experts offers a full range of arboricultural care services including: Tree Maintenance, Tree Removals, Tree Pruning, Tree and Shrub Fertilizing, Stump Removal, Insect Control & Suppression, Pest Control & Suppression, Diagnostic and Consultative Services and Expert Witness Testimony.

Tamke’s Services

Why Hire Tamke Tree Experts?

Trees should be preserved and admired. Well cared-for trees add beauty, safety and considerable value to your property, while poorly maintained trees can have the opposite effect.

Hiring an arborist is an important investment into your property. Tree work should be performed only by those that have been properly trained and equipped to work safely in trees. Tamke Tree Experts is a registered New Jersey Tree Care Company (NJTC), and as such, is certified to perform all arboricultural services to promote beautiful and healthy plants.

A Licensed business is required to provide safe work and proper training. A licensed business must carry minimum levels of liability insurance and provide proof of adherence to workers compensation rules. A licensed business must have at least one licensed tree expert (LTE) on staff—Tamke currently has five (5).

Licensing requirements are in place to protect the consumer. Licensing requirements necessitate continuing education to help keep our tree experts abreast of new techniques, equipment and research findings. Further, Licensing helps to create a better trained and more knowledgeable workforce.

Our customers and the trees we care for reap benefits of the knowledge and expertise we offer. Customers can be assured that we will work safely and are properly insured. Our customers can have peace of mind in the business ethics and standards to which a licensed company must adhere.

Protect your loved ones from potentially hazardous trees and harmful insects with regular maintenance and treatments.
A well cared-for property can add 15% to the value of your home, so it pays to keep your trees healthy.
Embrace nature for ours and future generations by preserving our beloved trees on your property.

For over 50 years our goal to provide safe and effective services has resulted in thousands of healthy and beautiful plants, along with loyal customers. Tamke continues to guarantee your satisfaction. We value all living things. We have a responsibility to plants and people. We work hard, so our customers don’t have to. And we love what we do! We look forward to fifty more years of helping plants grow and thrive as an integral part of our customers’ properties, our community and the environment. Learn More About Our Company »

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