If you have concerns regarding your valuable plants due to construction, wrongful removal, and/or evaluations for insurance claims, Tamke Tree Experts can help. We have trained professionals and state-of-the-art equipment to assist in evaluating the potential hazards on your property. We can also provide a complete analysis for you, your attorney, or insurance company if necessary.

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Specality Services


It may be difficult to accurately diagnose a developing problem which is hidden underground in the roots system. We have the equipment and knowledge to safely view the root system without damaging the complex root structure and life support of the tree. Our AirSpade® service can be especially useful in evaluating trees near business, play and parking areas.

Property Evaluation

We provide a complete analysis of the trees and shrubs on your property. We offer a specific plan for plant maintenance which will help safeguard your family and property, as well as promote the beauty and health of you property. This report considers the impact of construction, driveways, weather conditions, insects and other environmental factors which affect the health and vigor of your plants.

Hazard Tree Analysis

We have a scientific method of identifying potential tree trunk failure using a tool called the Resistograph. This state-of-the-art tool helps assess if a tree has hollow sections creating a loss of strength. If so, it may be at risk of falling. This is especially important knowledge regarding larger trees within close proximity to a house or other property of value.

Timber Stand Improvement

Our experts can identify the feature trees in wooded areas. We can selectively eliminate the weak or undesirable plants, encouraging the more valuable plants to flourish. This process will help enhance the existing landscape, provide points of interest, and/or allow future landscaping efforts on your property.

Expert Witness Testimony

Trees are often appraised as a result of loss from fire, automobile accidents, vandalism or willful trespass and cutting. With our professional affiliations and training, we are qualified to make evaluations and provide appraisals to attorneys, insurance companies and homeowners. We may even be called upon to offer our expertise in court.

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